Grandparent's Circle

The Grandparent’s Circle returns this Fall. 

The Grandparent’s Circle is a FREE education and support program for Jewish grandparents whose adult children have intermarried.   The Grandparent’s Circle offers grandparents skills and techniques to nurture, and in some cases help establish, their interfaith grandchildren’s Jewish identities.  The program provides participants with a supportive and open-minded environment to share their achievements, express their frustrations and acknowledge their challenges. 

Participants are encouraged to join The Grandparent’s Circle National Listserv, and to bring their grandchildren to organized Jewish community events.  The course meets provides skills and techniques to grandparents to enable them to share Judaism with their grandchildren in an interesting and engaging way.  The group also connects participants to others who can relate to their experiences and creates a supportive and understanding community of peers.  

Please contact Dana at for more information on joining our circle.


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